About the Site

LearnCodeIgniter.com is run by Lonnie Ezell. It aims to provide quality tutorials for the CodeIgniter PHP framework, a secondary hub for his Patreon campaign and a marketing site for his book, CodeIgniter 4 Foundations. As such, it has no official relation to the CodeIgniter project.

Lonnie Ezell was the lead developer who brought CodeIgniter 4 to life. He is also the author of two CodeIgniter books, Practical CodeIgniter 3 and CodeIgniter 4 Foundations.

Among other libraries for CodeIgniter, he has created:

  • Myth:Auth - one of the most widely used and recommended auth systems for CodeIgniter 4
  • Shield - the newest auth package that went on to become the official CodeIgniter Auth solution.
  • Settings - your config files with database support
  • Tasks - Scheduled tasks (cronjob) support for CodeIgniter4 (still in development)