Do we always need MVC?


One thing that users of frameworks like CodeIgniter know is MVC architecture - Models, Views, and Controllers. Quite often the framework has setup an app structure that reflects this, and so tutorials and user guides leave the impression that we should organize our application that way. But is this always the best way?

I got to thinking about this recently while refactoring Bonfire. At one point, mainly due to frustrations with the refactoring progress, I started moving things to a little bit more traditional structure, pulling some files out of the Modules folders they were contained within and putting them…

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About the Author

Lonnie Ezell is a programmer, author, musician, spouse, and father. He is the lead developer on CodeIgniter 4, and Bonfire--an admin framework for CodeIgniter 3 and now 4. He has written two books on CodeIgniter, and ran a popular Tabletop RPG podcast for several years.


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