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I apologize for not getting the next vlog out - I've been completely absorbed working on the site itself. I'm at a good pausing point now, though, so I'll get the next vlog out in the next few days. Depends on how the snow currently coming down affects free time for the next couple of days.

I don't know that I'll be able to cover it all in a single vlog entry, but we'll see. IIRC, the following has happened since the first video:

  • category system
  • tags system
  • wordpress importer
  • Patreon logins integrated through Shield…

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Lonnie Ezell is a programmer, author, musician, spouse, and father. He is the lead developer on CodeIgniter 4, and Bonfire--an admin framework for CodeIgniter 3 and now 4. He has written two books on CodeIgniter, and ran a popular Tabletop RPG podcast for several years.


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